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Rodent Removal

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Unwanted Wildlife Is A Problem. Let Us Remove Them!

Mice, squirrels, pigeons and the likes are all rodents you would rather not have in your homes or workplace. At AGD Varmint Control, We use only the very latest materials and proven techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.
When you choose us, you’ll get quick and safe varmint relocation service, so you can go back to living your life without any disturbances. We use our 40 years of trapping experience to humanely remove wildlife from your yard.

So, Are Any Of These Rodents Bothering You?

Rattle Snake

Mountain Lions, Rattlesnakes…

Birds, Bats, Beavers…

Birds, Bats, Beavers…


Raccoon, Squirrels, Skunks…

If So, Well Then Call Or Mail Us Right Away!

Customer service and satisfaction are the number one priorities of AGD Varmint Control! Come see for yourself.

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40+ Years In The Neighborhood

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about Varmint Control and Wildlife Removal Services. We started in 1999, and combined our personal 40+ years of animal control experience with the idea in mind that there was a friendlier way to perform wildlife control. A 3 step approach to humane wildlife control was created for customers in the Denver Metro area and surrounding mountain communities. With a focus on customer service, humane methods, and a strong customer base we have grown to and are expanding into surrounding counties. We work with residential, commercial and municipal work. We are family owned and operated.