Dave is a solid guy. He came out day of when another pest company left us hanging in the middle of an insulation install. He was just going to inspect since it was already getting late in the day, but instead he climbed up on the roof for a couple of hours in the cold and dark and sealed things up on the spot. The price was super reasonable as well.

Matt L

Dave assisted us with a dual squirrel removal in the Fall. One dead, one very much alive above our stove vent hood. He was efficient, resourceful and clean. We've had encounters with squirrels before-wish we had known to call AGD Humane Varmint Control earlier! Don't think there's any job too crazy for him to solve, as far as dealing with varmints! Thank you, Dave!

Vanessa Z

Dave was so personable and helpful in getting the squirrels out of the attic. He was available every time we needed him! This company was fairly priced compared to other companies. I would definitely call him back if I ever had another issue with animals

Stephanie R